Mabon Preparations

I love writing ritual more than performing it.Art - from the Crowley tarot

To begin I draw together my sources, creating collages of pictures and quotes in One Note, finding the sparks and tidbits that bite my eyelid and won’t release. I imagine myself as priestess, pulling in disparate pieces to meld them with Art into a delicate piece of art that seems cacophonous, but speaks to the hidden corners of the soul.

My rituals seem to work better in my head.

In the physical act, ritual can be uncomfortable. My back hurts from sitting on the ground for too long, or standing for too long. The incense stinks. If we’re in a semi-public place, some douchenozzle starts filming us on a camera phone. I can hear the YouTube comments in my head and I cringe.

But Mabon! I simply have to take the lead on this one!

The Equinoxes delight me. Samhain? It’s fun in the Halloween aspect, and the somber work of honoring the dead is moving. Beltane – very fun, of course. But the Equinoxes are tied so directly to the physicality of the Earth. There is very little ambiguity about what day the Equinoxes fall on (same with the Solstices). The Equinoxes and Solstices are straightforward Sabbats with straightforward symbolism.

Our Mabon ritual for this year will involve exploring light and shadow and finding our fulcrum. This is a ritual where I seek my balance between thought and action. Writing something in a notebook is different than stepping foot in the sacred and feeling the Star Goddess surge through you.

The best part of Mabon is September in Colorado is an ideal time for outdoor ritual. There’s not (usually) three feet of snow in which to navigate a circle casting, nor is is (usually) 1 million degrees outside in the blazing heat a mile closer to the sun than sea-level witches. The weather is sweater-cool and the sun is gentle.

Happy turning-towards-Mabon, everyone!

Desert Freyja




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